We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
— T.S. Eliot

Master Hector RAmos

One of Eight Master Pranic Healers in the World. 

There are only eight Master Pranic Healers in the world, and Hector is one of them. A native of the Philippines, he studied with the modern founder of Pranic Healing (Master Choa Kok Sui) for 20 years. As one of the senior most instructors in the world, Hector has been instrumental in spreading the teachings of healing and meditation throughout the Philippines, India, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, and the United States. In his classes, Hector is known for his warmth, ease, humor, and mysticism. Now living in Amsterdam, he teaches the higher courses, focusing on spiritual studies in various parts of the world, and currently oversees Pranic Healing throughout Europe. 

For years, he was the Acharya (spiritual mentor) in charge of the MCKS Pranic Healing Mission in India and of the MCKS Arhatic Yoga Ashram (India) where he facilitated classes, retreats, teacher training programs, meditations, study groups and hatha yoga sessions.

Master Hector will be offering special sessions, mentorship, meditations, and teaching the higher courses in Spiritual Studies. 

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deborah anne quibell, PHD

Senior Instructor for The Institute for Inner Studies

Deeply interested in healing and spirituality from a young age, Deborah Anne Quibell has been teaching and practicing Pranic Healing for over 10 years. After being introduced to the work, she studied and pursued the higher levels under the personal guidance of the founder, Master Choa Kok Sui in India and various parts of the world. She established Pranic Healing in South Africa and Atlanta, and has worked with various physicians throughout her career, and guest lectured at universities in the US on complementary medicine. She now teaches throughout various countries in Europe. 

A teacher of yoga and meditation, Deborah is a PhD in Depth Psychology with emphasis in Jungian and Archetypal Studies. She is passionate about living an integrative life, pursuing wholeness, balance, creativity, and joy. She is a professional writer, and contributes to sites such as Huffington Post, Expanded Consciousness, The Urban Howl, Rebelle Society and The House of Yoga. She is currently co-authoring a book on creativity & consciousness. 

She provides audio, video, and written content to various online platforms, and has been very involved with Rituals (a large home and body cosmetics retailer), where provides accessible and soulful content for a wide audience. She specialises in media events, public speaking and offers meditation / energetic wellness sessions in studio & corporate environments.   

Now living in Amsterdam with her husband (Master Hector), Deborah is a direct licensee for Amsterdam, Slovenia, Norway and Denmark under The Institute for Inner Studies, and will be teaching most of the foundational Pranic Healing courses. 

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Alessandra della porta

Support & Communications Manager for Explore Pranic Healing. Basic Pranic Healing Instructor Apprentice.

“Pranic energy follows where your thought or intention is focused”  this is what made Alessandra start meditating on Master Choa’s work.

She has always followed an inner, unknown, spiritual push and with Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, she has found an instrument in tune with the way she is.

Her path began in 2009, and she followed a two-year training program in Rome at the Accademia of Pranic Healing. She has also taken three years of Shiatsu Namikoshi school becoming a professional therapist.

She holds a degree in Cultural Anthropology and this tool helps in her everyday life: to “suspend judgement” is essential when you work as an anthropologist, as much as a pranic healer.

Her core belief : we’re here to help Life to grow and each one of us has our own way to do it. Being a channel is a beautiful, harmonious opportunity to clean and energize what is around us.


paige mcfall

Online Program Coordinator & Basic Pranic Healing Instructor

Paige has spent the majority of her life searching for and experimenting with alternative and esoteric healing modalities. This need came from her career as a professional ballet dancer, where traditional western medicine was limiting to her performance and daily schedule. Discovering Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing in 2007, she was in awe of its dramatic and miraculous healing effects, as well as, a new awareness of energy in all aspects of her life. Pranic Healing gave her the tools to use this awareness to assist others in healing and to deepen her spiritual development and growth.

Besides helping Master Hector and Deborah with their online offerings, Paige is also a professional ballet teacher and coach, a Grounded Kids Yoga Instructor, a certified Pilates instructor and mother of two amazing girls. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, art and performances that touch her soul. Paige is grateful for all of the wisdom her numerous teachers, including her children and husband have shared with her. She is especially grateful for being able to study, consult and work with Deborah Quibell & Master Hector Ramos.


Jure Jeraj

Organiser for Pranic Healing Slovenia

Jure Jeraj is known as a professinal athlete (handball goalie) with more than 15 years international experience.

In addition to his career in sports, he has been researching and practicing various systems and methods of personal growth and development in areas such as sport, healthy diet, manual techniques, biotherapy, energetic medicine, spiritual growth and meditation.

He is also an internet activist, who is passionate about advocating a healthy lifestyle and non-invasive methods of healing. He found Pranic Healing in Qatar and then continued his studies in India (Delhi, Mumbai, Benglaore, Mysore), and Nepal.

He is also author of a universal website for personal growth and development - www.potdozdravja.net which focuses on areas of psychology, health, nutrition, exercise, stress management, meditation, and healing. 

Jure is your main organiser for courses, events, and healings in Slovenia.