A Teaching on the Chakras. . .by a Master

While walking through a book store in California, many years ago, with Master Choa Kok Sui (the founder of modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga), he took us to the section on chakras. He walked slowly through the aisle, glancing at every book title under this category. He looked back at me and one other student, and said, 

“Did you know that you both know more about chakras than most of these authors?”

I was stunned. And confused. I found that to be a very strange statement. After all, these people had authored a book on the subject, and I certainly had not. So I asked in reply, “What do you mean, Master? They have written an entire book on the subject.” 

His response was something like this: 

“They may have written a book on the topic, but in most of these books, the chakras remain simply conceptual. Whereas, you have felt, scanned, cleansed, energized, and influenced the chakras. They are real, living things to you. Thanks to Pranic Healing. No longer only concepts.” 

I paused to breathe in the impact of what he had just said, and felt the truth of his statement. In doing so, I became intimately aware of a grounded sense of gratitude for what I had learned and how real the knowledge had become through learning and authentic experience

I remembered, for a brief moment, that before Pranic Healing, the chakras were simply hazy, concepts to me. The first chakra had something to do with security, wealth, and family. The second chakra something to do with libido. The third with power and self-esteem and so on. But I had no idea what to do with that information, and how to make changes should I sense, feel, notice or observe patterns of imbalance in my physical health or behaviour, related to these concepts. 

Pranic Healing concretised my knowledge of the chakras, helped me to see them as real and influential aspects of our energetic anatomy, and most of all, provided me with techniques to change or influence them. 

Somehow, I had taken this for granted before that moment with Master in the book store. 

Now, when someone asks me about the chakras, I always mention this story. If you harbor a curiosity about these energetic centers, I cannot recommend a system of knowledge more thorough or complete than Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. Throughout the training, your knowledge continues to grow and expand. Master Choa was truly a Master of energy, and the chakras become our gateways not only to physical health and psychological balance, but to our spiritual evolution. 

The knowledge and experience is nothing short of fascinating. And deeply empowering. 

If you’ve learned Pranic Healing, I hope you tend the call to continue to study and progress. If you haven’t, and feel an itching curiosity somewhere deep within, there is nothing to lose should you decide to begin this journey. And so very much to gain. 

In love and service,

Deborah Anne Quibell