Why Learn Pranic Healing?

We are living in an exciting time. A time when new frontiers are opening (back) up for us to explore. One of these expanding frontiers is the field of energetic medicine.

Growing up, I was incredibly curious and interested in the ways 'healing' was approached before the development of modern medicine. I knew that techniques of healing existed and greatly desired to understand these systems and perspectives. The ancient healing arts seemed to encompass a more holistic view on our health and well-being, and something about that felt important. . .even essential. . .to complement our modern, medical model. 

While greatly curious, I didn't know where to begin to study these systems in a practical and grounded way. By nature, I am an academic, a lover of learning. And I longed for a path to understand healing in a way that appealed both to my intuitive, right brain and my discerning, left brain.

When I heard of Pranic Healing, I had no idea what the course entailed, but curiosity (and a great inner-pull) overtook me and I decided to attend. It quickly became apparent that this was a system that offered exactly what I had been longing for. Pranic Healing is a distillation of ancient healing techniques from India, China, and Tibet. The content of the course is not new (in fact, it is ancient), but the way in which it is presented—stripped of superstitious beliefs and practices that have accumulated over time—was practical, grounded, and very applicable to modern life and understanding. I learned that the founder, a man by the name of Master Choa Kok Sui, was not only a mystic and yogi, but a chemical engineer and scientist. The modern system he developed made that very apparent. I was hooked from the beginning because (before presenting any of the course material) the instructor said "You do not have to believe anything that you are taught. Rather, we encourage you to question things, to use a sharp, discerning mind, and to experiment. Only by trying these things out for yourself can you validate whether or not they truly work."

I found this immensely refreshing. 

I was greatly inspired by the material of Pranic Healing because it seemed to provide a model and container for things that I had somehow 'known' or intuited for many years. It completely expanded the way I viewed not only my health, but the entire world around me. I began to understand and work consciously with the subtle and energetic realms of our existence. And this is nothing new. Yogis and healers and leaders have been doing this for ages.

It is beautiful that we are at a time now where, collectively, these systems can (again) be accessed. What was kept as a secret and private training to a select few is becoming available to us, and at a time when, I believe, it is desperately needed.  

And so I often tell students and individuals when they ask why I teach this work that Pranic Healing has proved itself to me over many years. I experimented and practiced the techniques, and too many times I saw absolutely, undeniable results to deny its truth and effectivity. And I have come to know that there is so very much more to our existence than what we physically 'see'—and Pranic Healing connects us to this. 

I encourage that same open experimentation to everyone who decides to study Pranic Healing. It is an exciting and ever-unfolding journey. And over the years, I have seen people from all walks of life—medical doctors, surgeons, yoga teachers, psychotherapists, parents, school teachers, massage therapists, professionals, and young students—benefit from the content in their own, unique way.

When the mind opens and expands, it is always a beautiful thing. And, if you're curious to learn, you have nothing to lose.  

-Deborah Anne Quibell