Explore Pranic Healing is dedicated to making spiritual teachings accessible; to spreading the knowledge of the subtle body, energetic healing, meditation and compassion to different communities in various parts of the world.

The team is led by Master Hector Ramos (one of eight Master Pranic Healers in the world)
& Deborah Anne Quibell, PhD (a senior instructor for the Institute for Inner Studies).
Our licensed instructors include Paige McFall and Alessandra Della Porta.
We have a team of amazing organizers in each area, and we'd love to connect with you. 


an inspirational video on the pranic healing training

Your journey into the world of subtle energy begins here.


We offer a wide array of courses & seminars on Pranic Healing, Meditation, & Applied Spiritual Sciences, developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui in various areas. We welcome your curiosity and your spirit and look forward to exploring some exciting and insightful teachings with you. Explore away! And don't hesitate to contact us with any inquiries or questions that may float through your mind while you read on. 


student testimony — paige mcfall

A beautiful and inspiring personal testimony of what Pranic Healing has brought into the life of Paige McFall, who is now a Pranic Healing Practitioner and Instructor.

student testimony — dylan hendrix

A beautiful and moving testimony from Dylan Hendrix about the Pranic Healing training, and the benefits it offers him as a modern day yogi and teacher.

one piece of advice for new students

Deborah Quibell offers one piece of advice, which she got from her Teacher. 

client testimony —geertje miedema

A powerful testimony from a client of Pranic Healing, Geertje Miedema. Watch to hear how Pranic Healing sessions helped her to deal with a benign tumor behind her eye.


COURSES slovenia

Explore Pranic Healing is currently active in Slovenia!

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COURSES denmark

Explore our course offerings and events in Denmark.

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courses hungary

Discover more about our offerings in Hungary. 

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