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Asana & The Chakras with Master Hector Ramos


2PM - 5PM Saturday


Please see pricing and register at Delight Yoga here.


Delight Yoga | Nieuwe Achtergracht 11 


In modern day yoga, we place great emphasis upon the physical purpose and benefit of the asanas (yoga postures). This is, of course, very important but what has largely been lost is our understanding of the energetic purpose and benefit of each asana. 

This is a special workshop which will help students and teachers of yoga deepen their understanding of asana from an energetic perspective. Hector Ramos, Master Pranic Healer, will focus on the effects of specific asanas on specific chakras. This knowledge is invaluable in knowing how to use our practice to correct current imbalances and for preventative healing. 

During his training with various teachers (including the founder of modern Pranic Healing, Master Choa Kok Sui), Hector was mentored to understand asana from the perspective of the chakras. And in this workshop, he will share this important knowledge with us in practical and applied ways.